256MB Flash Drive USB 256 MB FLASH PEN DRIVE
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256MB Flash Drive USB 256 MB FLASH PEN DRIVE
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256MB Flash Drive USB 256 MB FLASH PEN DRIVE USB 2.0

256MB Flash Drive USB 256 MB FLASH PEN DRIVE

List Price: $69.99
Price: $39.95

Description Item#: 100652

This 256 mb usb flash pen drive works as a friendy, secure, and lightweight removeable mass storage device disk. It plugs in through the USB port so your computer will immidietly detect and configure the disk without needing to restart the computer. You read, write, copy, and delte files just the same way as you would use a floppy diskette, or hard drive. You can even play mp3 files, run applications or play videos directy from the 256 mb USB pen/flash/jump/thumb drive.

This 256mb usb flash\pen\thumb\jump drive is so lightweight and compact you can carry it with you anywhere. The storage capasity for this usb pen\flash\thumb\jump drive is 256MB It is so easy to install you can use it to replace your floppy disketts, zip disks, and even cd-rw disks. Its uses durable solid-state storage flash memory, there are no moving parts making it shock resistant and will last alot longer.

This 256 mb USB flash\pen\thumb\jump drive also comes with a security feature that allows you to require a password upon plugging in the drive before use. This drive is partioned into a 1-Megabyte accessory drive (auxiliary mass storage device) and a main drive (primary mass storage device). Users have to enter the security password to gain access into the main disk. The 1MB accessory drive (no password) can also be used to preload the driver and utility program of the drive.

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Product Detail

  • USB Interface and BUS powered, no seperate power supply, or battery required, you can plug it in/out in heat state.
  • Password security feature to prevent disk access.
  • Data write-protect switch to anti-versus and prevent you from carelessly delete data.
  • Easy plug and play function.
  • High performance write up to 800K byte/sec. and read up to 970K byte/sec.
  • State-of-the-art NAND flash memories.
  • Embedded hub function allows partitioning of the drive into a 1MB auxiliary mass storage device drive, and a primary secured main drive.
  • Windows mass stoarage device class compatible, so no driver needed in windows ME, 2000, XP, or above. Only requires security device driver.
  • Shock resistant, noise-free, and longer data retention.
  • Advanced power management mechanism.
  • System Requirements: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, or greater. 133MHZ Processor or better. USB 1.1 or better port.

Package contains:

  • USB flash/pen/thumb/jump drive
  • Owners manuel
  • CD with drivers and software
  • USB extension cable
  • Hand strap.

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