WinBackup by LIUtilities for Windows PC Backup
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WinBackup by LIUtilities for Windows PC Backup
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WinBackup by LIUtilities for Windows PC Backup

WinBackup by LIUtilities for Windows PC Backup

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List Price: $59.95
Price: $49.95

Description Item#: 100573

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Protect your valuable data against software errors, disk crashes, user error, theft, and virus attacks!

Get prepared now. Protect your data, before it's too late - with WinBackup. The award-winning WinBackup is the difference between a minor inconvenience and a crippling loss. WinBackup has already earned the trust of over 100,000 users. Why don't you join them? Easy-to-use, yet so effective.

Awarded Best Backup Software of 2003 by Computer Shopper, WinBackup is the ultimate Windows security guard for your office, laptop, notebook, and home computer. This software safeguards your files against system failure, hard drive crashes, virus attacks, loss, theft, or user error.

Back up all data in the privacy of your office with a single click, including Outlook Express e-mails, address books, your Internet Favorites, and My Documents folder. And you won't have to spend hours on the phone with a technical support person. We guarantee it.

WinBackup makes it easier than ever before to secure your data by making regular backups with support for a large variety of backup media.

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Product Detail

WinBackup 2.0 Standard - Backup Made Easy™

The home and small office backup solution that awards 100% reliability and superior performance.

Awarded Best Backup Software by Computer Shopper and termed "exceptionally simple to use" by PC World, WinBackup 2.0 Standard is now the obvious choice for home and small office users. Being one of the most efficient and reliable backup solutions available WinBackup 2.0 Standard will help you save both time and money.

WinBackup 2.0 Standard, the fastest backup and recovery software on the market, allows you to secure all your valuable data within minutes. Featuring a Windows-familiar and intuitive graphical user interface, WinBackup 2.0 Standard makes it extremely easy to set up and run regular backups in your existing environment. With shortcuts to over a 100 of the most popular applications, WinBackup 2.0 Standard makes it possible to easily and quickly backup emails, address books, bookmarks, digital images, financial documents and other records at the click of a button. Home and small office users can rely completely on WinBackup 2.0 Standard for full data consistency and integrity without compromising superior performance.

Introducing new advanced compression technologies, WinBackup 2.0 Standard allows you to save more data to any chosen media including:

  • Hard Drives
  • Network
  • Zip/Jazz/Rav drives
  • CD-R/RW
  • DVD-R/RW +/-
  • Portable drives ( Firewire and USB )

WinBackup 2.0 Standard is truly backup made easy!

  Exceptionally simple to use
WinBackup 2.0 Standard is an easy to use backup and recovery software that lets you backup and restore your data with the least effort.
  Value for money
WinBackup 2.0 Standard awards home and small business users with a top-notch backup and recovery software at an affordable price.
  Peace of mind and complete reliability
You can rely completely on WinBackup 2.0 Standard for full protection if and when things go wrong.
  Proven performance and superior speed
WinBackup 2.0 Standard leverages proprietary technology to build a backup and recovery management solution that is among the fastest on the market.
  Enterprise-level features
With WinBackup 2.0 Standard home and small business users can afford the features awarded only by enterprise level software.

Breadth of backup and media coverage
With a wealth of powerful features, WinBackup 2.0 Standard guarantees that your notebook or desktop is backed up to any chosen media and that all data and applications are fully recoverable.


Now $49.95

Why You Need WinBackup

WinBackup makes it easier than ever before to secure your data by making regular backups. Not only will WinBackup help you organize your backups and schedule automatic backups, it will also protect your data using the latest encryption techniques, compress data to save space, create detailed logs of all backup operations, and more. WinBackup also features one of the most intuitive user interfaces you have ever seen, making even the most advanced features easily accessible to beginners and professionals alike.

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Easy to Use
WinBackup is based on our new user interface design with built-in documentation that virtually eliminates the need to read the manual. Whether you are new to computers or a professional, you will find this program incredibly easy to use.

128- or 256-bit encryption
WinBackup uses one of the most secure encryption algorithms available
(256bit AES) to secure your data, making it virtually impossible for anyone to access your files without your permission.

Built-in CD and DVD writing
WinBackup supports a large variety of backup media including hard drives, removable disks, USB drives, CDR, CDRW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and more. It also allows you to create completely customized backups with selectable security levels, compression, extension filters, and more.

Ease to Schedule Automatic Backups
WinBackup comes with a built-in scheduler that works on any operating system. Scheduling automatic backups is very easy and the backups can be saved to any media including CDRWs or DVD-RWs. You can even schedule network backups to a shared DVD writer and update a DVD-RW automatically on a daily basis.

Fast Backup Engine with on-the-fly Compression and Encryption
WinBackup is based on our new multi-threaded file processing engine for maximum performance. WinBackup also utilizes the latest compression techniques to reduce the size of your backups to a minimum. On-the-fly compression makes it possible to back up more data to any media, and ensures efficient media usage and low media costs.

Is WinBackup Hard to Use?

Thanks to a unique user interface, WinBackup is extremely easy to use, whether you are new to Windows or a Windows expert.

What Do Others Think About WinBackup?
"All features combined with a small price makes WinBackup one of the best choices for windows backups." -

"LIUtilities has definitely created a "more perfect" backup software package than any other we have ever tested." - MBReview

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We proudly stand behind our products and want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied, contact us and you will receive a 100% refund. No hassles -- guaranteed.

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